Not just an advisor

Financial advisers are not clairvoyants so cannot predict the future, but as the name suggests we can advise people on the best options to take based on individual requirements. We wear many different hats when looking at the financial needs of a client, here are but a few:

The Teacher

When it comes to investing there is so much to teach individuals. The risk element, short and long term returns, asset allocation, diversification and discipline.

The Independent

In a world full of pushy sales reps the demand for more independent and objective financial advisers has risen as they will shop around for the most appropriate financial products for clients.

The Coach

After strategies have been in place for some time there will be occasions when fears and doubt arise in a clients mind. It is at this point the financial adviser will wear his ‘coaching hat’ to review the plan and ensure the client is kept on track.

The Listener

Financial uncertainty can trigger emotions with clients. This is when the adviser will simply listen to the clients concerns, find out what’s sparked them and provide solutions.

The Builder

A financial adviser will work with their clients to construct a long term wealth plan that matches their needs and helps them achieve their goals.

The Specialist

Financial advisers will each have their own area of speciality. So if there is something specific a client wishes to discuss Aspire will ensure they speak to an expert in this field.

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