Don’t avoid the subject

Most people are happy to ensure their house and its contents, their car, their travel plans or their mobile phone, but they often give little thought to insuring their life. So why is this?

Probably because death or critical illness are subjects that many people do not want to discuss, yet doing so would help individuals understand how insurance could help minimise the financial impact a death could have on their loved ones.

Answer these questions:

Do you have children that need to be educated or provided for? If so, how long will this financial commitment be for?

If you are in a relationship does your income contribute to any joint debts such as a mortgage or loan?

Do you or your partner stay at home and look after the children? If so, could you afford the cost of child care if the stay at home parent was no longer around?

Do you want your loved ones to be taken care of after you die?

Do you want to ensure you have left enough money to pay for the cost of your funeral?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions you need to take out life insurance. Whilst money can never replace a person it can make life easier and provide protection for those you leave behind.

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