Eurovision Finance Contest

The Economy


In the top ten economies of Europe, by real GDP, the UK is listed 3rd, read more here.


Mortgage rates


When it comes to mortgage rates the UK is doing just fine too. This chart shows the interest rate in 14 European countries as of the third quarter of 2017. Poland was the highest, but the UK was sitting 6th best and holding its own.




This article compared the retirement outlook for a 50 year old woman in different cities around the world. Based on a state pension along with a mandated pension, such as the UK’s ‘automatic enrollment’, it looked at what % of her income she would receive in retirement. The best places in Europe were Paris with 69% and Milan with 67%, London unfortunately only came in at 41%. The study did not include any private pension arrangements.


House prices


Getting on the property ladder isn’t an easy thing to do, especially when saving for a deposit. So where are the most affordable homes in Europe? Find out here.