Cutting the cost of Christmas



For those of you who may not have started your Christmas shopping yet here are some tips to help prevent you making financial festive faux pas this year.


Have a budget and stick to it

Write a list of people you will be buying gifts for and allocate the amount you want to spend. The easiest way to overspend is when you don’t know what you are looking for. Write a gift list, allocate a budget and stick to it.


Withdraw the cash

When you go shopping make sure you pay in cash for your gifts. It’s very easy to stick it all on a credit card, but when you do this you will be tempted to overspend and will face a huge bill in January. Not many people pay off their credit cards in full which means you could incur hefty interest charges leading to a Christmas which you could still be paying for through next year.


Homemade gifts

There are many gifts that can be made at home such as cookies, cakes and jam. Taking the time to do something creative will always be appreciated and will save you a lot of money. Take a look here for some ideas.


Look for the best deals

Check online for the best prices and stock availability. One of the dangers when out shopping and you can’t find it anywhere is to buy something else on impulse. This can lead to your original budget and list being ignored. Take a look at this website where everything is a fiver.


Cut the cost of Christmas Dinner

If you are planning on having friends and family over for lunch on Christmas Day, why not ask each guest to bring a dish. Not only will it save you money it will also give you more time to enjoy the day with everyone.


Don’t let the festive season cause you financial hardship. Make a plan, stick to your budget, shop around, share the cost where you can and try and try to have a debt and fret free Christmas.