Money Money Money

According to the Money and Mental health institute there are more than three million adults in the UK that suffer with both mental health issues and financial difficulties. Money plays a big part in our emotions, so let’s have a look at how it can make us feel.



Sometimes money can make you feel frustrated, especially when you compare yourself to others. It can make you envious when you see people with things you want but cannot afford, which leads to frustration with your current situation instead of being happy with what you have. Remember, material possessions will not give you long term happiness, and what you see online is not always a true representation of somebody’s life. Focus on yourself and do not let envy frustrate you.



When you’re juggling your finances and struggling for money you can sometimes shut yourself away from others through either embarrassment or a fear of looking like a failure.  However, isolating yourself will only make the problem worse. Be open and honest about your financial situation as it may not be as bad as you think it is. Even if you are heavily in debt there are lots of options for you to ease the financial pressure, but you can’t do it alone:



Whilst money can’t buy you happiness there are many people that use money to make themselves feel happier. An example of this could be a shopping spree when you’re feeling down, or a weekend away, but this will only give you a short period of happiness. The key to long term happiness is feeling content with your lifestyle and your relationship with money. It’s about being in control of things, managing your money and enjoying the feeling you get when you’ve saved up for something that makes you happy such as a wedding or the deposit on your first house.