Spring into action

Spring is always a busy time for estate agents as the lighter evenings and better weather seems to play a big part in drawing buyers to the market when looking for a property. For sellers this means lots more opportunities to sell their home. With lots more buyers property hunting it can lead to multiple offers being made and bidding wars being created. When this happens the sale price goes up which is a win win for those selling a home.


Here are our tips when selling your home in the Spring:


Spruce up the outside

After the miserable winter weather, Spring is the time when most people think about sending time outside in the garden. You should make sure it’s looking in good shape and ensure buyers will be able to imagine relaxing in your garden. Mow the lawn, clean any outside furniture and ensure there’s no rubbish left lying around. Adding some potted plants can brighten it up too and make it look colourful and more inviting.

A tip to make your garden look bigger is to mow the lawn diagonally.


Open the windows

Flowers are starting to bloom and the weather is warmer, so get those windows open and fill the house with fresh air and a floral hint.


Deep clean your carpets

During the winter months there tends to be more people in the home for longer periods which means there is more chance of smells and stains getting into the carpet. Add to this dirty wet shoes coming in from those who don’t always take them off at the door and you’ll probably have a smelly and dirty carpet. The brighter weather has a habit of highlighting marks and stains on less than clean carpets. A professional deep clean will brighten up the whole room and make it appear larger.


It’s worth noting that a lot of buyers start their property search in Spring expecting to complete by the summer, especially those with children. This is so the family have the summer holidays to settle in before the new school year starts in September.


So if you are planning to sell this year Spring into action sooner rather than later.