Raise your score and save more

Lenders offer their best rates to those with a good credit score, so we thought we’d share some tips on how to improve yours.


  • Before applying for any type of credit, check your credit report thoroughly. Make sure you report and correct any mistakes or false associations on your report as these could be damaging to your credit score.
  • Avoid making multiple credit applications in a short space of time as every time you do a ‘hard search’ is carried out on your account and a mark is left on your credit report. If you make too many credit applications in a short space of time it can impact negatively on your credit score, as it makes lenders think you’re desperate for credit.
  • Check you are registered on the electoral roll as this is a simple way of boosting your credit score quickly.
  • Pay regular bills by direct debit as this will ensure you never miss or are late making payments.
  • Try not to use all your available credit. If you are utilising all the funds available to you it gives lenders the impression you are reliant on credit for regular living expenses.


Those with a good credit score will find they have access to a wider range of financial products with lower interest rates, therefore saving you money, which is always a good thing.