When it comes to money-be a prudent student

This is the time of the year when thousands of students will be applying for student finance to fund and support their chosen university course due to commence in Sept. Learning to budget is something all students will need to do, so finding the best discounts is something every student should focus on.

Click here for access to a directory offering student discounts on a wide variety of things including music, restaurants and take-aways, rail fares, entertainment, accommodation, books and mobiles.


Here are some student budgeting tips to help save money whilst studying and help your student loan go further.



We would advise creating a spreadsheet which shows any income you get such as  student loans, part-time work or money from parents. List any regular outgoings you must pay each month such as rent, mobile phone, utility bills etc. What’s left is your available funds. You should stick to your limits and keep any interest free overdraft (offered with most student bank accounts) for any unexpected expenses or emergencies.


Don’t be frivolous with food

Buy supermarket’s own brands or value range rather than the more expensive well-known brands, this can save you a lot of money each month. Try and plan your meals in advance, this will allow you to do a food shop at the start of the week and prevent you having nothing in and needing to get a take-away. Take your own lunch to uni each day rather than incurring expensive coffee shop charges.


Leave the car at home

Most universities are either based in a city, with great public transport links, or at a campus where everything you need is on-site. You won’t really need a car whilst studying which will save you a lot of money.


Course books

These can be very expensive, but you don’t need to buy every book you need. You can borrow set texts from a library when you need them. For the books that are very important, you should be able to find good 2nd hand copies either online or through your university. When you have finished your course, you can sell them on and recoup some of your costs.


Free software

Most students can get Microsoft’s entire Office suite of programmes completely free of charge. To check if you’re eligible enter your academic email address on the Microsoft Office website. It will ask you to sign in through your course provider’s portal, if eligible you’ll be redirected to a page to download the software. In addition, you will also get 1TB of free online storage with OneDrive.