Summer Savers




The holiday season  is almost upon us and whilst many are trying to get their bodies into shape for summer, the warmer weather is a great time to get your finances in shape too.


Here are some money saving and money making tips that work particularly well in the summer:


Cook outdoors more

BBQ’s are not only a healthier way to eat they also save you money. Cooking on the coals is a lot cheaper than using the oven or grill which always adds a few quid to the gas or electric bills.


Car Boot Sales

The warm weather is the perfect time to de-clutter and make a few quid at the same time. Chances are you won’t have a problem shifting all your unwanted goods as hundreds flock to car boot sales when the sun is shining.


Visit the park

If you have kids you may spend a fortune during the summer holiday on expensive days out to zoos and theme parks. We’re not suggesting you ditch these completely but try some free days out too. Here’s a handy page where you can search for award-winning parks near you – and they are free! See Green Flag awards to find your nearest park. Pack a picnic and make it a day the whole family can enjoy.


Hang your washing out

Ditch the tumble dryer throughout the summer and dry clothes outside. For those who don’t have a garden or live in an apartment why not buy a couple of pop up clothes airers. They will fit in the smallest of outdoor spaces or balconies and can be picked up for less than a tenner from places like Argos.


Ditch the gym

When the sun is shining who really wants to be working out? You can still get the beach body you want by getting out and about in the sunshine. Walking is a great aerobic exercise and tones the legs too. Jogging in the local park when the weather is nice is a lot more enjoyable than paying to sweat it out on a treadmill! Work out how much your gym membership costs you each year and how many times you use it as the cost per visit might not be as cheap as you think.