Business Protection Insurance

People have the power to make or break a business. In all businesses there are people who are critical for its success and financial stability. These could be directors or partners, shareholders or essential staff. Have you considered how your business would survive if one of these people died or were unable to work because of a serious illness?

Most businesses have cover to protect their buildings and equipment so that they can cope financially if important assets are damaged or destroyed. Business protection can provide financial support if the worst happens to the people who are important to your business.

Business protection for business benefits

  • Reassurance that if someone vital to your business becomes critically ill or dies, the business will receive some financial support to recover its position from that loss.
  • Flexibility to increase, reduce or change the cover to meet the changing needs of your business
Is it for me?

All businesses should consider some type of Business protection whether it’s life cover or critical illness cover, as it could  potentially provide financial support at a difficult time and could  help your business to stay afloat.


As your business changes you are likely to need different types and levels of protection, please ask your adviser about the benefits of business protection.

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