New tax year, new changes

The new tax year began on the 6th April 2020 and with it, there’s been a number of changes that affect your tax and benefits. To help you understand what it means to you, we’ve broken down the key changes to your income and expenses.  

New tax year brings good news for savers

Yesterday saw the start of the new tax year along with the start of the new PSA (personal savings allowance). Basically what it means is that all savings interest will now be paid tax free, let me explain. Prior to yesterday, 6th April 2016, apart from those who saved in an ISA, any interest you earned […]

The 2016 Budget-How the changes will affect you

Last week the Chancellor announced big changes in savings, tax and housing, but how does this budget actually affect you, we take a look. Savings The Lifetime ISA, revealed by Mr Osborne last week, is a tax free savings account for those under 40 years old that the Government tops up each year by 25%. […]

Raising the roof on landlord taxes

During his summer budget last year, Chancellor George Osborne announced changes to how landlords will be taxed. Being phased in over a four year period from 2017 these changes will see landlords being taxed on what they turnover rather than their profit. Eventually this will result in landlords being unable to deduct any interest from […]