Advice on Critical Illness Cover

Please remember that inflation can reduce the value of the cover and cover will stop if your premiums cease. Covers have no cash in value at any time.

A critical illness can strike at any time. The good news is that with medical advances, people are more likely to survive critical illnesses, but they are still likely to take prolonged periods off work for treatment and recovery, and may suffer both emotionally and financially.

Critical illness cover is designed to help you if you suffer a serious illness or have to undergo a certain type of operation. It can help ease your financial worries at a traumatic time for both you and your family. A one off lump sum cash payment could help to pay off your mortgage, provide funds to convert your home or cover any care costs.

Some critical illness covers include additional payments on additional conditions that may be less serious than other conditions but which could still have a significant impact on your life. Some covers may also include other added value services and benefits, as well as critical illness cover for your children.

You can choose to cover yourself and your partner.  If you choose to cover both of you then the plan will pay a cash sum on the first diagnosis of a specified critical illness.



Is it for me?

It would be a relief for you to know that you have done all you can to minimise the financial impact a critical illness could create for you and your loved ones. However this information shouldn’t be considered as advice to take out critical illness cover.  It’s up to you to decide if critical illness cover is right for you. For further information and advice please contact us.

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