Could Brexit bump up your mortgage?

All the talks going on at the moment about the EU vote on the 23rd June have resulted in thousands of people asking the question-‘how will Brexit affect our mortgage?’ The stories that are doing the rounds currently are that a vote to leave the EU will result in soaring mortgage rates and plummeting house prices. […]

Is it in your best INTEREST to re-mortgage?

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. With mortgage rates continuing to drop the competition amongst lenders is fierce. The latest figures from the council of mortgage lenders, published on May 24, show re-mortgaging in London has jumped to an eight-year high as thousands of existing borrowers […]

A higher score gives you access to more

Over the festive season lots of people will have used a credit card to spread the cost of Christmas, which is fine providing you can afford to pay for it when your credit card statement arrives. The interest rates on credit cards can vary massively and leave many people repaying  mostly interest and very little […]