Income Protection Advice

Most people happily insure their cars, their home and even their mobile phones without a second thought, but many people forget to insure the thing that pays for everything – their income.

You might think it won’t happen to you, but if you were in this situation how long could you afford to pay for everything, such as your mortgage or rental payments, household bills, children’s school fees, mobile phone and broadband payments, or save for those luxuries in life?

Bills don’t stop, even if you are very sick and have lost your income.  And even if you do have savings to call on, you may still struggle. Savings might not last long when surviving on Government benefits, and the money you may be entitled to from the Government may not be as much as you might expect.

Income Protection can provide you with a regular monthly income if you suffer a loss of earnings due to ill health or injury, and as a result are unable to work.

Many income protection covers also give you access to added value services and benefits, some of which may be automatically included and others may be at an extra cost.

When you take out the plan you choose how soon after becoming ill or injured your payments will start in the event of a claim.


Is it for me?

It would be a relief for you to know that you have done all you can to minimise any financial impact for you and your family. However, this information shouldn’t be considered as advice to take out income protection.

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